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Single instance models#25

Ability to configure a model as a “single instance model”.

Would be useful for content that isn’t meant to be duplicated, such as:

  • Configuration/settings: Often, devs use a settings.ini file (or similar) to setup some basic app’s behaviour. Sometimes, we’re asked to make those settings available to other people and therefore need to migrate them from a project’s config file to a database, but it’s meant to be a singleton, not a list of records.
  • Specific pages (About us, landing page, etc.)

The UI should be updated to make the edition of single instance models more user friendly.
Not sure if it has any impact on the API, probably not.

2 years ago

Thanks! We have this on the radar and will be working on it later this year.

2 years ago

We have a lot of general translations that are not part of e.g. listings - for example buttonSave buttonCancel - The idea of the single instance model might solve that requirement!

2 years ago

@Michael Lukaszczyk Any ETA on this?

2 years ago

We’ll be soon able to share a more detailed roadmap. 👍

2 years ago
Changed the status to
8 months ago

Any news about the release of this feature?

2 months ago