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Editor Tabs#41

The current GraphCMS editor UX is fine for simple models, but starts to get unruly for complicated docs with lots of fields. Other systems I’ve used allow you to group fields into tabs, separating them into areas of concern. That can really help organize the editing UX, so that it’s less daunting.

I’d like to see the model editor have a button to create new content tabs, where I provide a name, then rag-and-drop fields (new or existing) into the tab I want (maybe just be another drop taget area in the existing UX), in the order I want. Then when a user is editing a record, they would see the tabs appear just under the existing toolbar with the fullscreen/close/draft/save buttons.

2 years ago

I would think that providing the “tab name” in the field config would simply the creation of thabs, and then form rendered would auto organize the fields under said tabs. This has some obvious problems (mistyped tab name hence showing two similar tabs) - but that could be always rectified with editing the tab name.

this way the dev process could be faster and the tabs could be rolled out sooner - and later (phase 2 / 3) could bring the visual tab editing (if that is needed)

but i completly agree, the interface could be seriously complex and it really is overwhelming to the users to see a long form (but you can’t avoid it really even with relations)

2 years ago

I’d be fine with that as an MVP; other systems I’ve used did something similar. An editorTabName field would also be easy to expose via the management API when adding/updating fields on models. A weight or some other ordinal value could be added later for sorting.

2 years ago