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Field Groups#43

A common need in data modeling is to have reusable blocks of fields across different models. This provides several benefits: it saves time for the developer building the models, it ensures consistent use/adherence to a schema, and it often allows for simpler UX for the end users editing the content.

I’d like to see GraphCMS support a new data structure, called a Field Group, whereby I can define a set of fields, then drop them into other models (e.g., common metadata fields, social media links, etc.). These should have the same cardinality/repeat constraints as any other field. Rather than searching for existing data (like relations), the UX should just directly display the editable fields, embedded within the parent record.

Under the hood, these could probably be implemented similarly to other relations, except they never show up in the UX or API for searching: they are, in effect, dependent children of their parent records.

2 years ago
Merged Field groups#67
2 years ago

Adding a note here for clarity, since there has been some confusion/duplicate requests: this requests assumes that Field Groups would obey the same cardinality rules provided by #24 when that ships, thus allowing for repeating groups with various constraints.

2 years ago
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2 months ago