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Array of Different Models (allow for more generic buildouts)#59


As a user, I would like to be able to have the ability to pick and choose content from any model and have it loaded into an array field of another, which will allow me to build a set of features of different types.

I’m a race director for a running event and I would like to build a race with X features (ie. Aid Station, Rules, Timing Information, Award Information, etc). Imagine, not all races are created equal, so it would be nice to allow (from the front end to allow someone to pick and choose the features of their race). These features/content models would be an array of features tied to the event.

Something like this would be great to have for building out a website with said features. Currently, I would need to know every feature building piece of content in order to construct my race data model, which is okay for the cases where we know, but if we are attempting to create a generic model to handle different races, then it’s very limited.

2 years ago
Merged into Flexible content field#68
2 years ago