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Field type: repeater field#66

The ability to create a set of sub fields which can be repeated whilst editing a content entry

Repeater field: Gallery images
[image], [url]

Edit content entry view:
1 cat1.jpg /chocolate
2 cat2.jpg /bacon
3 cat3.jpg /cake

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9 months ago

Repeater fields where the absolute best thing to happen as a WordPress developer using Advanced Custom Fields. Almost every graphcms project I build I have a use for repeater fields, but instead I just have to create superfluous relationship connection models which adds a layer of complexity that’s not needed.

8 months ago

I’m pretty sure #43 covers this, or rather this request describes one use case of Field Groups (i.e., where cardinality > 1).

8 months ago

@Aaron Fuleki field groups and repeater fields are not the same concept the way I am thinking of them.

A field group is a set of resable fields across multiple models. A repeater field would be the ability to dynamically create multiple of the same field within one model. Ie. If you don’t know how many content blocks a page will need you can repeat/add more.

8 months ago

Yep, that makes sense. I’d requested something similar a while back, which was rolled into #24. I’ll drop a note there to clarify.

8 months ago

@Aaron Fuleki I take back what i said about repeater fields - how i did not figure this out before but any field you can set “allow multiple” is essentially a repeater field. How could i have missed that!

8 months ago