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Field type: repeater field#66

The ability to create a set of sub fields which can be repeated whilst editing a content entry

Repeater field: Gallery images
[image], [url]

Edit content entry view:
1 cat1.jpg /chocolate
2 cat2.jpg /bacon
3 cat3.jpg /cake

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2 years ago

Repeater fields where the absolute best thing to happen as a WordPress developer using Advanced Custom Fields. Almost every graphcms project I build I have a use for repeater fields, but instead I just have to create superfluous relationship connection models which adds a layer of complexity that’s not needed.

2 years ago

I’m pretty sure #43 covers this, or rather this request describes one use case of Field Groups (i.e., where cardinality > 1).

2 years ago

@Aaron Fuleki field groups and repeater fields are not the same concept the way I am thinking of them.

A field group is a set of resable fields across multiple models. A repeater field would be the ability to dynamically create multiple of the same field within one model. Ie. If you don’t know how many content blocks a page will need you can repeat/add more.

2 years ago

Yep, that makes sense. I’d requested something similar a while back, which was rolled into #24. I’ll drop a note there to clarify.

2 years ago

@Aaron Fuleki I take back what i said about repeater fields - how i did not figure this out before but any field you can set “allow multiple” is essentially a repeater field. How could i have missed that!

2 years ago

Hi guys! Have you heard anything back regarding this item? It’s absolutely key for generating organized content.

a year ago

Hey @Alejandro Pinzón, since we released Union Types in the new system, you can accomplish a similar thing with them. We have repeater fields still on our list, but it’s not planned for the nearer future.

a year ago

@Fabian Beliza Thanks! Well this is a very common way to handle data for e-commerce sites. Check out Square, Stripe, etc. Examples:

The thing with Union Types is that it creates another object that doesn’t really make sense. Example: An amount should always have a value and a currency code. Using Union Types would mean that each order/product has a separate object for each value, which makes no sense.
How can I accomplish this with your product?

a year ago

@Alejandro Pinzón what you linked are payment providers, for which i’m not super sure how they play into repeater fields.

I wasn’t saying that Polymorphic relations solve every use-case, but they can sometimes be seen as a workaround for repeater fields. As mentioned we don’t have those right now, but certainly want to revisit them.
I’m not completely sure how your amount example plays into this, but i’ll give you an example how Unions could play into this 😊

You could create a “Product Page” Model which gets a polymorphic relation (allowing multiple values for a many relation) to connect to a Product Model, a Gallery Model and maybe a Content Model. On these Models you add all the fields you want.
When you then create a Product Page Entry, you can connect a Product to it, maybe a Gallery, then a Content entry and then another gallery. You can even reorder them with sortable relations. It’s not the perfect replacement, but maybe helps in some cases and could potentially even be seen as a repeater.

This way you might be able “mimic” the behaviour of a repeater.

I hope that helps a bit clarifying what I meant with my previous message 👍

a year ago

@Fabian Beliza Well what I basically would like to see is to be able to handle a content hierarchy such as:

first_name: John
last_name: Smith

  • country code: 1
  • number: 3003003000
  • amount: 10
  • currency: USD

Some systems allow the “phone” and “price” models to actually be a model you call from elsewhere and re-use across the entire data model.

Does that make sense? I really don’t need the fields to actually repeat, but to be nested and ideally to be reused across the data model.

a year ago

@Alejandro Pinzón You can always create your own Model to “group” certain fields together and then use them on other models with relations. This also allows you to reuse them. So maybe a Person model that related to an Adress Model, so you can also reuse the address on other Person entries. Maybe play around a bit with our free plan and see if it fits your needs 😊

Anyways, we are getting a bit off-topic here, for further questions you can always reach out via our on site chat or in Slack. 👍

a year ago
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