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Flexible content field#68

The ability to add custom fields or field groups to a single content entry, with full control over the order of fields.

2 years ago

How is this different than #43 (Field Groups)? By “single content entry” do you mean a true singleton, vs. an instance of a content model?

2 years ago

I think this is kind of a mix between #66 and #43 but more leaning towards 66.

2 years ago

Hmm. I thought #43 covered #66‘s notion of “repeater fields”. Every CMS/datamodeling tool calls them something else, but the core is the same: a structured, re-usable group of fields that don’t pollute the primary relationship namespace. They’re often identical to standard models under the hood (i.e., just another relation), but not exposed as such in the UX/API. I’ll drop a comment over there.

The way I read this request, it sounds like the concept of singleton models, where you can add specific fields to a particular instance of a type (or types that only allow one instance). Is that correct, @Erwin Otten? Some CMS’s call those Landing Pages, Single Pages, or some such, but they’re basically a one-off model that you can use to design specific pages and whatnot.

2 years ago

Please take a look at

Flexible content fields give more control over layout and can contain multiple custom fields or field groups.

2 years ago
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