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Slate RichText UI Extensions#76


Slate allows you to create plugins to extend the functionality of their input UI. Would be great to be able to add extensions in GraphCMS to allow custom features.

eg. text colour; a new button on the UI opens a colour picker, then the plugin renders this by wrapping the text in a span tag with style attribute.
At present we have to wrap some text in a class and apply CSS to this class. In GraphCMS Class objects are rendered as a div tag which is a block element, therefore inline colouring of text does not appear possible at this moment in time.

Another useful feature would be buttons to inject simple text into the editor content. eg, (among other things) we would like the ability to insert line breaks into the content often at fairly regular intervals. At the moment we are planning to handle this by translating the text [line_break] to an <hr /> tag before rendering the page. So a simple convenience button that will inject text like this would be another nice addition.

These are some specific examples, however generally it would be great to allow devs to be able to create extensions for the Slate RichText UI. However if this is not possible, adding inline control for CSS properties color, font-size and font-family would be great please.

10 months ago