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Make ID available under Document Information in Edit mode.#84


In the new platform there is now the ability to designate another field instead of ID as the identifier for References. When enabled, the ID is no longer readily available but can still be useful, especially when working with and testing queries. Can we make this available again albeit in another place?

I suggest displaying the ID in the Edit view at the right beneath the Document Information alongside creation and update timestamps.

With this enhancement, the Reference ID is only one click away; and can be very beneficial when working with deeply-nested References.

This also benefits people working in a top-level entry that need the ID without having to go back to the table view to obtain it. To my knowledge the ID is the only system field missing in the Edit view so I think this feature would resolve that.

6 months ago
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5 months ago

Thank you, GraphCMS team! This makes my life as developer so much better helping out the content team. 🙏 🚀

5 months ago